Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Words of Wisdom

We had a great weekend.  We really, really did (don't look so surprised!).  It was so nice to just enjoy being a family and have things go well.  I'm not sure exactly how we accomplished the smooth sailing we all experienced, but I'd like to copy it, if I can figure out what the secret to our success actually was (having a full agenda, perhaps?).

On Sunday night we piled into the car and drove out to the Outback Steakhouse for a rare family restaurant meal.  You may recall that this is about the only restaurant we go to with the kids because they handle the babe's food allergies so well.  It's loud, family oriented and fast which makes it a perfect fit for us.  Sunday was another reassuring reminder that we can actually dine in public like other "normal" families.

While all the little guy consumed was fries and orange juice, the babe was awesome and pretty much ate everything on her plate.  She tried every vegetable and decided she wasn't going to eat the squash, which we said was fine.  My husband and I complemented her on what a great job she did eating and she apologized that she didn't want to eat the squash.  We told her that it's fine to not eat something if you've tried it. 

Then she made her super wise comment: "You can't taste with your eyes!"

How true is that?  The girl knows you cannot judge food without putting it in your mouth first!  I feel like we took a huge step forward with that one comment and I left the restaurant feeling positive and empowered (and really, really full).  Kids really can have the most insightful thoughts.

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