Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tid Bits

It's been a while.  And there has been a lot going on.  And really, you're used to my excuses, aren't you?

There's just a couple very sweet tid bits I wanted to get out there before they are forgotten.

A few weeks ago I was dropping the babe off at school with the little guy in tow (as usual).  We headed over to the elevator, which we do on days when the stairs are particularly busy and I am particularly impatient.  As the babe went to press the "UP" button, she casually remarked how cool it was that they had moved the buttons down and it was easier for her to press them.  I clued in to what she was saying and replied that in fact, it was she that was growing taller and was now able to hit the "UP" button without being lifted or having to drag over the "mini" steps from the water fountain.  This was a morning interaction that warmed me up inside and put a huge smile on both our faces. 

Another tid bit.  The little guy and I were in the kitchen when he walked over to the coffee pot, pointed at it and said, "I need coffee?  I need it."  Again, I could do nothing but smile and reply that he didn't yet "need" the coffee, but one day he may enjoy it, just like his Mama.  I suppose that's what I get for sticking bags of ground coffee beans under my kids noses all the time.


Kimberly said...

lol that is so funny! we do the same thing. "coffee" is one of kareena's favorite words! We are definitely raising the next generation of caffeine addicts :) (as long as they make coffee dates with us I'm fine with that!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Made me smile.