Friday, August 6, 2010

All Kinds of Pills

I'm not a fan of taking a lot of pills, but I use them when I consider medication/herbal remedy necessary.  I deemed it necessary today when I was hit by a splitting head ache and was stuck indoors with my kids. And while I still have stiffness in my hands (which I'm hoping is hormonal and not arthritis), I have decided to hold off on taking regular drugs for the problem.  I am not ready to make a daily commitment to address the issue.

I am, however, a fan of taking my multivitamin.  I feel it fills in the gaps that have been left by my diet. 

I was also very dedicated to my prenatal vitamins.  But I never took my last one.  After 4 years of taking them all through pregnancy and breastfeeding, I was too emotional about taking the last pill.  It is still sitting in its container on our vitamin collection tray (a bar tray).  I don't think I'll ever be able to take it because it was such an important part of my life for so long.  And I don't think I can get rid of it because that will mean saying good bye to that period of my life.

All that said, I am going to look into a herbal pill which apparently helps you chill out a bit.  A friend has highly recommended them and I think I'll give it a try.  She is the mother of a 2.5 year old and says it has totally calmed her.  It's called Calming Complex with Gaba made by Source Naturals and I am going to pick some up next time I'm at Whole Foods.  I'll let you know how it goes.  It's all about taking the right pills!

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