Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's All in the Name

It's hard to chose a name for your child.  But what you don't realize when you chose the name of your first born, is how many times a day you will be saying it.  At one point I think I said the babe's name back to back four times when I was trying to get my message through to her.  I caught my husband doing the same thing.

A name is a critical thing.  It will be a part of your child's identity through life.  It will be used in both positive and negative ways.  And it is a lot of pressure to chose the right one.  In fact, our son was nameless for 3 days as we weighed different options.  In the end we stood over his little hospital basin and repeated a few names to see what he would react to.  We had a clear winner and we went with it.  And I still think it was the right choice.  I'm actually quite happy with the names we chose for both kids.

My only recommendation to new parents is to chose a name you don't mind saying over and over and over again.  Because if there's any chance you'll tire of it, you need to keep on thinking.

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BlessedMomof2 said...

My son has a unisex name (not really, it's a boy's name, but whatever!) and that's starting to bug me. It's being used more for girls now (ok, it's Riley) when it's actually an irish boy's name. The thing that gets me lately is that people assume it's a girl!! Assume it's a boy! Ugh.

Naming a kid is the first hard decision in a long line of them :)