Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Tricks

The little guy copies everything his big sister does.  Although he can't say her name, he is rapidly increasing his verbal and physical abilities due, in part, to her assistance. 

The babe will stand next to the little guy's high chair and practically yell words she wants him to repeat: "SAY HOT," "SAY ROLL," for example.  He gets a kick out of it and so does she (and yes, those 2 words have officially been added onto his ever-expanding list).  That said, I know he is not speaking as much as he could BECAUSE he has an older sister who does all the talking for him. 

Another new trick is blowing kisses.  The only trouble is, he doesn't understand that he needs to actually move his hand away from his mouth after kissing it.  The intent is obvious, and that's what matters.  He also likes to do the "shhhh" gesture with his finger up at his mouth when it's time to be quiet.  It rarely works out that anyone is quiet around here when they're supposed to be, but it's very cute to see him try.

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