Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Birds and the Bees

I was going to write about our music class today and how the little guy pulled a stack of chairs over on himself and we had to make an early departure.  It was our last class of the session and I'm not sure when we will be singing up again, so it was upsetting we had to leave under such circumstances (especially as I've been going to the same class with the same teacher since the babe was 1).

But then I also wanted to write about how the babe really loves olives, dill pickles and capers.  I thought I'd ponder what that meant in a 3.5 year old.  While cleaning up after dinner, I had come to the conclusion that these food likes say a lot about my daughter.

And while I was saying good night to the babe, it became clear what I should be writing about.  My own Mother, otherwise known as "Nana," will be arriving from Canada tomorrow morning for a visit.  I mentioned that Nana was my Mama and I was so looking forward to seeing her.  Then I mentioned that Nana took care of me when I was a little girl because she is my Mama (I thought I was just harmlessly going over the basic facts).  The babe looked at me, all serious like, and asked where she was when I was a little girl and Nana was taking care of me?  I replied that she had not been born yet.  The babe then asked if she had been dead then?  I said that she wasn't dead because I hadn't made her yet.  And guess what she asked next? 

"But how does the baby get in the Mama's tummy?"  WHOA.  I didn't think kids asked that question so young.  So I stalled and kinda dodged the question.  I am all about being honest with kids but I frankly hadn't done any research on how to discuss the birds and bees with a preschooler.  So I told the babe that it was scientific and I had to look on the Internet to see how doctors and scientists suggest parents explain these things to kids (I tell her I have to look things up on the Internet all the time).  I told her I wanted to make sure I explained it correctly to her so that she would understand.  "OK, Mama," she replied. 

That was a close call. I guess I better look into how to discuss these things in the most age-appropriate manner.  But ultimately I guess I'll have to trust my Mama gut.


Kimberly said...

that is hilarious! let us know what the answer is - the best way to explain it!

Mamabeing said...

so funny! I think my cousin-niece asked for a lot of details about this when she was that age too...who knew. Ardan just keeps telling me Peanut is going to come out of my belly button.
BTW--my nephew born on the same day as the Babe also loves capers, olives, and pickles. Maybe it's astrological.