Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wake Up Call

As parents, we have sort of had to get used to waking up early EVERY DAY.  It has been a difficult transition for my husband and I as neither of us are morning people.  While the babe is getting better at waking up at a decent 7 to 7:15 am time frame, the little guy seems to be going in the opposite direction.  This morning he was up at 5:50 am.  Who needs an alarm clock! 

There is nothing like being jolted out of a deep sleep by a crying child.  And the quick realization that the crying child will wake your other child if you don't bolt out of bed immediately and try to calm the crying child.  That's what happened this morning. Sadly, I wasn't able to calm him back to sleep and he just kept on crying every time I tried to leave the room.  I broke down and brought him into our bed. 

Unlike the babe, who loved to sleep with us when she was little, our son has never been a fan of sharing a bed with his Mama and Papa.  He is, however, a fan of watching cartoons in Mama and Papa's bed when it is too early for Mama and Papa to leave the bed.  We resisted his demands for a good chunk of time and tried to doze, but eventually we had to give in.  The TV was turned on at quite an early hour.  No wonder he was so annoyed by the time his sister woke up at 7 am.

I am wondering how I can promote him hanging out by himself in his crib on the days he wakes up at a silly hour (like anything between 5 and 7am).  My friend has the Fisher Price rain forest crib music/light/moving figure thing set up and says it works.  The kids pass a lot of time being amused by it and aren't as needy when they first get up.  Perhaps it is something we will need to consider, because Mama and Papa need their precious sleep!


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