Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be. More. Patient.

If they sold patience, I would buy it in bulk.  I would give up all my treats to afford it.  I would do pretty much anything to have more patience.

The kids.....who I love so very to such a degree I sometimes think my head will explode.  Being a Mom means I have to keep a lot inside.  There is a lot of inappropriate language going on in my head, and although I try to keep my game face on, I do not always keep it under control.  I do not curse in front of my kids, but I do blow my lid every once in a while.

Our morning wasn't overly smooth today.  But the highlight was dropping the babe off at school (we were actually on time).  I am having BIG problems getting the babe into her class in the morning.  There are so many steps to get out the door in the winter.  And the school hallway where jackets and boots are stored is so crowded with little people I feel like I am going to lose it. 

As I am not allowed to take the stroller up to the second floor, I have to take the little guy upstairs with no way of controlling his movements.  I'm also supposed to be helping the babe with her jacket, mitts, hat, snow pants, boots, lunch bag, etc.  Add about 15 other similar kids into the mix, plus a 2 year old boy who will not stay still and doesn't listen when you are yelling at him to "GET BACK HERE," it really is enough to break me. 

I know it's only a 20 minute experience, but it is the worst 20 minutes.  I guess I'm just jealous of all the parents who breeze in with one kid and are out the door in less than 5 minutes.  I know I always look like a mess, and I mumble to myself, and I don't look like someone you'd want to be friends with, but I suppose if I just get through it, the winter will pass and we will get to a point when jackets and all that jazz are no longer needed.

Perhaps I need to get more in tune with my Canadian self.  Be nicer, calmer, more patient and able to handle the chaos of children in the winter.


william2233 said...

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BlessedMomof2 said...

I wish I had more patience too. I liked winter a lot more before I had kids. And the fact that you aren't supposed to put them in a car seat with a coat on just adds more time that I spen freezing to get it on her for the 2 second run inside.

Kim said...

I can barely manage to carry all of that stuff for one, so can't imagine for two! I always keep her in her coat in the car seat though, is that bad? Before the car warms up in the am it is FREEZING! She would freeze without her coat on.

24-7 Mommy said...

I'm impressed BlessedMomof2! My kids are both in their winter coats when they ride in the car. There's only so much I can do! I do tie them in extra tight, though.

Anonymous said...

We had it like that, actually worse...We made a list for the morning routine with A and a chart by the door where we could put a star for every day that went well. 5 stars= a fun happening that A knew in advance (rent a movie, small toy, I would play wii for 20 minutes etc..) after a week things we already much better. Positive reinforcement is the only thing that works in the long run...
Lots of Love! Janet