Thursday, January 6, 2011

Decisions, Part 2

I left you hanging there, didn't I?

You want to know what my decision was?

I decided to stay home with the little guy next year.

You want to know how I decided?

I added it up.  I sat down, and crunched the numbers.  And it just doesn't make sense to send both kids to preschool in September.  I would be spending what I made to cover the cost of it. 

You want to know how else I decided?

I thought about how hard it would be to leave them from 8am to 6pm every day.  And I just can't do it.

I am by no means judging those who do, and am so grateful I have a choice, but I am not at a place right now where I can imagine leaving the kiddies for that many hours a day.

I am usually a great Mom and quite enjoy it when I have only 1 kid around (if I do say so myself).  In all honesty, I am not as effective or relaxed when I've got both with me, but I still think it is better for them and for me if we stick it out together for a while longer.

In September 2012, the babe will start kindergarten (public and free!), and at that point I think we'll all be better prepared and possibly ready to handle the challenges of living as part of a family with 2 working parents.

And who knows, perhaps I will get really good at this Mommy thing and won't be so torn anymore. Only time will tell.  But for now, I am breathing a huge sigh of relief that the little guy and I have more time together and that I will be able to continue seeing the babe's excited face as she runs towards me at pick up time every day after preschool. 

Cheers to the good life and to all our many blessings.


Gimmiegot said...

You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sound like it was a good decision! J