Monday, May 31, 2010

The Bath

I've been told that eventually children are able to give themselves a bath or take a shower alone.  I've also heard they come to a point where they can properly brush their teeth and consistently do a solid job wiping themselves after using the toilet.  Right now those days seem very, very far away.

We've still got the little guy in a baby tub and the babe takes showers standing up (with my husband's assistance). Our rental house has less than smashing bathrooms and the babe doesn't even want to sit in the tub for a bath (I don't blame her one bit).

Tonight is hair washing night, and it always takes a bit longer and involves more tears than normal nights.  We only do the kids hair twice a week as it is such a process and neither kid particularily enjoys the experience.  We keep telling the babe that one day she'll be paying someone at a salon to wash her hair.  And although she's experienced a salon wash once before, she doesn't seem to appreciate the beauty of having another human massage soapy suds and warm water on one's head.

At least we can rest assured that our kids are truly clean one time every 24 hours.  I suppose we won't always be able to say that with confidence.

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Janaina said...

I wash Nick's hair every day, although he doens't have much hair. lol. He doens't seem to care about it.
We don't have ice cream truck here!!! I would love that!!