Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday ended with blood all over my shirt sleeve (the little guy had a bad tumble), frazzled nerves (the babe punched me in the face after I dragged her inside to have dinner at 5:30 pm--needless to say, I did not handle it too well), too much wine and coffee in my system and not enough plain 'oll H20.  I keep saying I'm going to drink more water and attempt to be healthier and calmer, and I keep pulling out the red wine with dinner and the dark chocolate for desert.  I suppose they are the "healthy" indulgences in terms of benefits to the system...but it doesn't make up for the lack of water.  But is does make me calmer. 

What I'm really trying to say is that I went to bed a little too late and didn't sleep very well.  As such, I am wiped out today.  And Tuesday is not a day to be wiped out around here.  After bringing the babe into school, the little guy and I hit the grocery store, dropped off the groceries at home, went downtown for music class, came home and had lunch.  He's now napping.  I've cleaned the kitchen, made the beds and should be doing the laundry and packing up for our next outing.  But since I made a promise to blog every day (and I needed to check my email), I decided to sit down and write. 

After nap time we will pick up the babe at school, drive to Bethesda, play at the park and hopefully have a successful soccer experience.  It will be the babe's third time out with her new "team" and coach.  She is doing really well and I think she may be a natural (or perhaps my mommy meter is not exactly accurate).  But really, another soccer Mom actually asked me if the babe had ever played before.  That must mean something, right?

Then we will race back home, eating snacks all the way, and have an unorganized and chaotic dinner and then clock some chill out time in front of the TV before bath time. 

Believe it or not I also have dinner plans, AGAIN!  The Montreal Canadiens are back on the ice tonight so I'm heading out with a good friend for some wining, dining and catching up.  She is pregnant with her first and I am trying to be supportive and honest with her (no one ever told me how hard it was going to be!).  But I do try not to overwhelm her with too many gory details.  Although she's been over to my house enough that if she isn't freaked out yet, I'm not sure what will freak her out!

Anyway, must get back to my domestic bliss....the laundry and preparing my husband's hockey dinner (a healthy pizza concoction) awaits.  Aren't I a good stay at home Mom/Boss of the house??? 

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