Friday, May 28, 2010

Strong Will

It's hard to know what's normal.  I've never had a 3.5 year old before.  But I find myself wondering if it's really meant to be this hard.

For the past 2 days the babe has pushed me to the edge, and I honestly have felt like jumping off of it (no, not literally).  But I know if I give in, the situation will deteriorate beyond the safety zone.  I have been encouraging her to use her words, explain what the problem is, and I keep asking her questions about what is making her mad.  I am committed to giving her more love, more hugs, and more attention in general.  Sometimes these methods works, and sometimes they don't.  And sometimes the little guy and I get hit or scratched, and sometimes we don't.  Something has to give.

It seems she's almost bipolar, which shouldn't surprise me as I've heard that said about this age group.  She can be the sweetest, most caring and considerate little girl.  I am so proud of her abilities and her way of dealing with projects, people, and changes.  But when the tide turns, it turns fast and furious.

I have convinced myself she is just spirited, strong willed, and has some problems with anger management.  But sometimes I worry that it may be more.

I've got a call into a child/family therapist recommended by our pediatrician.  She apparently sees families one on one and also runs seminars on a variety of child rearing related issues including anger management (for both children and their parents).  Unfortunately she is out until the end of June.

Until then I have ordered Setting Limits With Your Strong Willed Child (a recommendation from someone in the know).

Every day is a new day.  Every day I vow to try.  I just hope my little girl is willing to try as well.

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Mamabeing said...

oh sweet mommy. it's so hard! I will be turning to you for help in about 1.5 years. I can already feel things coming on since Boo hit the 2 year mark. Hang in there.