Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where are Those Words?

The little guy is remarkably cute.  He has a great smile and gives awesome hugs (he will sometimes pat your back as he's hugging).  He has the sweetest dancing technique and is very good at pointing at what he wants.  He has got "Mama," "Papa," and "Hi" down pat.  Ask him what a lion says, and he roars.  When he sees a dog he points and starts barking.  But when I ask him to repeat pretty basic words like "up" or "down," I get the "ahh" sound. 

I know kids develop at different rates, but at what age should I worry that he's not picking up vocab and putting it to good use?  Not to compare my children, but the babe was pretty amazing in the verbal department (and still is).  If I don't start seeing some progress soon, this will be at the top of my list of questions at the next pediatrician appointment.

In other news, the babe was a true gem today.  It was a pleasure being her Mom and her behavior was pretty stellar.  We headed back down to the "gym" (our basement) for another round of afternoon activities.  In the past 24 hours I have hidden the broken door, set up our new basketball net and T-Ball contraption and put down some more padding on the floor.  The gym is starting to take shape and I think both kids really dig it.  Hopefully things will continue on the up and up.


Mamabeing said...

my bro's second kid is I think a month or two older than your little dude and also not saying much at all, maybe 5 words. It'll come. they say second ones are slower. But check out these videos: We watched the "Baby Signing time" ones till Boodge was about 18-20 months and then added the "signing time" which are for older kids. If your little dude likes songs, these will teach him words...Boodge didn't just pick up sign words, he picked up tons of vocab...I totally credit these videos to turning on the light of language for him and making him so good with language now. I'm evangelical about them.

BlessedMomof2 said...

My first barely said boo til he was 3, now at 6 he doesn't shut up :). The little one (18 mo) has few words. I'm not worried, but will discuss it with the ped. tomorrow.

Kimberly said...

that sounds so fun! maybe I'll get to see it in person saturday (did you hear we were coming over? :)
and I swear kareena said mama and dada yesterday while looking at us at the appropriate times, but I realize I may be delusional :)

Janaina said...

Nick is now 15 months and he says water, ask us to open something, finish, but these words are easier in portuguese.
But he doen't says mommy or daddy!!!!