Monday, May 17, 2010

The Up Side of Monday

My favorite time of the week used to be Friday at about 5:00 pm.  No need to explain that one.

I am sad to say that my new favorite time of the week is now Monday at 9:30 am.  While I used be filled with dread at the thought of Monday morning, it has now become the time I look forward to.

Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of anticipation that I have on late Friday afternoons, because there are always some great parts of every weekend.  I especially love the evenings when my husband and I get to hang out after the kids are in bed and the pizza is ordered.  I always stay up a bit later and we try and catch up on all the good TV stuff we've taped but don't get to watch during the week.  It's the little things that make it special.

But I really love the return to peace and calm in my life by Monday morning.  Catching up on laundry, shopping, dishes, and all the mundane stuff is quite rewarding for me and makes me feel good.  Who would have ever thought I'd say that!

I also love the fact that the little guy and I get to hang out alone with each other.  Despite his young age, he really is a very good companion.  His needs are simple and he is fairly willing to let me direct our activities.

So here's to Monday mornings....even when they are wet and gray like today.

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Mamabeing said...

oh man. I don't have any advice. I'm so scared of 3! Just to say that it will pass, it will pass, it will pass...But how to get it through to her that she can't do this again? Is there anything new or topsy turvy in her life? Anything at school that may be going on? Does she like it there? I've seen kids I know become really really hard to handle at 3, and they really do mature around 4. You only have 1/2 a year to go, honey....self-medicate! ;-)