Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Just Wanted to Sleep Tonight

Kids in bed, husband watching hockey, kitchen clean, and I am sitting in bed with the computer.  Time to do my daily blog thing.

Where to start.  I had some excitement this evening when I ran up to the drug store to buy non-Tylenol acetaminophen for the little guy.  Last night was not pretty.  He was up about 5 times which means I was up about 5 times as well.  I had forgotten how very bad it is to be disrupted that many times at night.  But since Tylenol did there big recall last weekend, I had no pain killer for what was an obvious case of teething pain.  So I sucked it up and tried to comfort him as best I could. 

I decided I was not going to have another night like that, so after getting the little guy to bed tonight, I drove up to the 24 hour drug store for the meds (yes, I know, I should have thought of this earlier).  I turned off our street and managed to get stuck behind an 18 wheeler and about 15 cars trailing behind it.  Not a good sign.  I made it up the hill to the drug store and ran to the "Children's Remedy" section.  I couldn't see any acetaminophen.  So I walked back to the pharmacy (which I had called before I left to make sure they had the drugs in stock).  Some guy was asking a bunch of annoying questions like, "and what is folic acid?," and I just sucked it up and waited.  I saw a woman pick up a pregnancy test and internally wished her luck.  Then boom, a piercing alarm sounds and lights start flashing throughout the store.  We all looked at each other with panic in our eyes.  I saw one guy practically jump out of his skin. 

I stood in shock, and then realized there could be a robbery in progress.  Just my luck!  I only wanted some baby meds so I could sleep tonight and of course, there has to be a robbery.  Many, many scary thoughts raced through my mind (like, "I can't die!  I have 2 little kids!").  We all somehow clued in that it was the fire alarm, and as there did not appear to be a fire, we all just stood there.  I couldn't hear myself think, but I managed to ask the pharmacist about the generic brand's location.  I then ran up aisle 9A and located my drugs.  I sped up to the cash....where there was a long line...and tried to hold my ears (it was deafening).  I was then ushered to a self check out by a helpful store employee where I managed to pay for my purchase.

I ran to my car and heard the fire truck sirens fast approaching.  Please, please, please let me get out of the parking lot before the fire trucks get here.  And yes, I pulled it off.  I got outta there and managed make it home in time to read the babe a bed time book (in French, no less).  Now was that all really necessary?  Guess we'll see how tonight goes.

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