Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Meals?

I may have already mentioned this to you, but I generally don't like to eat dinner with my kids.  I feed them before my husband gets home from work on week nights, and we generally feed them before we eat on the weekends as well. 

We do this for a number of reasons:
  • So we can eat
  • So we can talk
  • So we don't hear yellls, whines and screams while we try and eat
  • So we don't have food or utensils thrown at us (that would be the little guy)
  • So we don't get indigestion
That said, I do encourage a weekly Sunday brunch.  We always have the same thing: super healthy pancakes (with banana and soy milk as our substitutes), organic maple turkey sausage and fruit.  The kids always eat a ton and I am convinced it is their biggest and favorite meal of the week.  I usually make it to the table to eat about half way through and am left eating after everyone has long gone, but it's nice to do it one time a week.

This weekend was a bit different.  We actually had THREE family meals together.  They all had varrying degrees of sucess, but ultimately, the brunch was my favorite.  It reaffirmed that we don't need to have dinner with the kids.  It's just too much work, and it's too hard to eat.

I do look forward to the days when they will be able to sit with us at the table and take care of themselves.  But I'm in no rush.

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Janaina said...

Here we have breakfast together, my husband, Nick and I, it is the only “family meal together. At lunch it is just me and him, and we eat at the same time, one for him and one for me. Lol. And finally at dinner I also feed them before my husband gets home from work, Nick go to bed at 7:00 pm.