Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day/Happy Anniversary to Us!

What a day!  The babe went back to school today and life returned to "normal."

Normal was a bit crazy, though:

-Drop off the babe at school
-go to grocery store and drug store
-pick up framed photograph of my husband and I on our (Hindu) wedding day (July 2, 2005)
-go to other grocery store for 5 year anniversary cake (we celebrate both July 1 when we were legally married and July 2)
-head to Canadian Embassy with the little guy to celebrate our home and native land
-get home and put little guy to sleep
-pick up the babe at school
-put some time in at the park
-head to friend's house for more Canada Day celebrations (thanks, R!)
-back home and get kids to bed (a little late)
-drink wine and watch my husband clean up the kitchen (what a man)
-open super sweet gift (a compilation of our first few emails after we met in 2003)
-do this blog entry
-eat cake and celebrate 5th anniversary with amazing husband

Gotta go!

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