Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Words

Another Sunday.  Another Sunday brunch.  The kids were already climbing the walls by the time I was making our pancakes this morning.  At one point, both kids and my husband were in the kitchen and there was a lot going on. 

The little guy was loudly babbling nonsensically when my husband told him he needs to start using words.  "You're almost 2 years old; you need to start using words, dude," said my husband.  My son walked out of the kitchen to his high chair.  He started pointing at his high chair while yelling "Eat.  Eat.  Eat."  I was shocked and drew everyone's attention to the little guy's valiant efforts at communication.  How awesome!  We were all thrilled and had him repeat his new word throughout our meal.

After dinner, and after a huge storm had lifted some of the oppressive humidity, we went for a little walk around the block.  We heard some birds and the little guy started to try and do the sign for bird (he was putting his hands by his mouth...which is close enough).  He was so excited and kept repeating the sign every time he heard another bird.  Further into our walk we heard a plane going by and the little guy stopped and pointed at the sky yelling something close to "PLAAA, PLAAAA."

In my humble opinion, I think we witnessed another language explosion.  There is hope after all.

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