Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Family Book

On our recent trip to the library, we picked up The Family Book, by Todd Parr.  It a great little book that looks at all the different kinds of families out there.  It has simple and colorful graphics, and a straightforward message: familes come in all shapes and sizes and they love and take care of each other.  The babe has fallen hard for this book and wants to read it at nap time AND bed time.  She makes the same comments on the same pages at every reading.

I have tried to explain what stepbrothers and stepsisters are and have had to explain that she has one Mama and one Papa, and will never have two Mamas and/or two Papas (as discussed in The Family Book).  But she really seems to want two Mamas and/or two Papas.  I have tried to reassure her that her Grandparents are also like parents because they are her parents, parents.  Apparently that doesn't do it for her. 

I'm glad she thinks it's cool and I am happy to expose her to all the wonderful variations of family we see in this world. She is learning that it takes all kinds and that there's no right or wrong way to be a family.  It's all about the love! 


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