Saturday, July 17, 2010

Those Nasty Little Mosquitos

Sun Screen:  CHECK

UV 50 Protective Swim Wear: CHECK

Bug Spray:  WHOOPS

It was another hot and stinky one here in DC.  We decided to throw the kids in the sprinkler to burn off some steam and enjoy the great sweltering outdoors.  My husband sprayed himself with OFF and I used my "natural" deet free bug spray as we sat on the porch watching the kids.  We seemed to forget that perhaps the kids would also benefit from some bug spray.  But they were in the sprinkler....

They both got bitten extensively, but the little guy had at least 5 bites on just his face.  Poor kid was scratching his eye so much I wondered if his eye lid had gotten bitten.  The thing about 1.5 year olds is that they're not so great at swatting bugs off themselves.

Anyway, I felt negligent.  But the after sprinkler bath we had once we returned to the air conditioned bliss of the house seemed to help sooth the kids pain.  By bed time, those bites seemed forgotten.

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Janaina said...

My sister-in law told me how hot is D.C. this days!!! Here in Brazil is winter, about 99f!!