Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Things

Last night, after his bath, the little guy was experimenting with his body.  By that, I mean he was sticking his fingers down his throat and gagging himself as I got him ready for bed.  I have been through this before with the babe and know that it will pass.  But I was still slightly disturbed by my son's determination. 

I had managed to get his diaper rash cream and diaper on when I must have looked away for a second.  He managed to stick his fingers back down his throat and threw up all over his clean little body.  He was surprised but not really bothered by this experience.  I, however, was bothered.

We managed to contain the vomit to the towel he had been lying on and dumped him back in the bath for a full wash down.  I had to pick pieces of my son's dinner out of his hair and my husband had to clean up all the food chunks that landed on the bathroom floor when I took off the little guy's towel (thanks, honey).  Yuck.  The thing that bothered barf boy was having his hair washed (he's not a big fan), so I'm hoping he will associate self inflicted vomiting with hair washing (for now, anyway). 

On another note, the babe has been quite lovely of late.  This morning she walked into her quiet and studious classroom and announced to everyone (quite loudly), "I'm wearing a dress today."  The little guy then ran in after her yelling "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii."  My kids sure know how to make an entrance. 

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