Monday, July 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons?

We pretty much planned our afternoon around the babe's new swimming class.  I have signed her up for 5 weeks of classes at the Curl Burke Swim Club at American University (AU).  It is the "beginner" class and she is supposed to learn how to put her head in water and blow bubbles, doggy paddle, and float.  These are all awesome things to be able to do and will help build her confidence around water.  So, needless to say we were all pretty excited to head to class after nap time.

All four of us piled in the car to make the short trip to AU.  We left plenty of time to make sure we could find it and wouldn't be late for our first class.  The directions and instructions were very specific and we didn't want to mess around with these people.

We managed to find our way to the pool and waited where the pamphlet with all the class information had instructed us to.  The University was pretty deserted, as you would expect the day after Independence Day.  A few other families showed up and we all continued waiting.  Class time came and went and we were still waiting.

My husband and I realized that no instructor was going to be joining us.  We are pretty sure they thought today was a Holiday and just didn't show.  However, the pamphlet clearly states that classes begin on July 5th.  I called the number of the swim school and left a message explaining that there was no instructor and that I expected a call back.  I am still waiting.

The babe proceeded to cry all the way to the car and half way home.  We were all disappointed, annoyed, and hot.  It's unfortunate we got the babe so psyched for class and they couldn't deliver.  In my 3.5 years of taking children's classes, I have never been stood up.  I will be expecting some sort of compensation from the swim school.  I'll keep you posted.

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