Friday, July 16, 2010


Baby.  Bear.  Car.

These are the words the little guy seems to have picked up since YESTERDAY!  It started with "Baby" after we watched the Baby Signing Time DVD (thanks, K!).

You may recall I have had a few concerns over his slow verbal development, but it appears as though we've hit a bit of a growth period in this department.  I am pretty psyched.  It just makes me so unbelievably thrilled to hear him say these simple words.  I am bursting with joy and pride.

Mama.  Papa.  Done.  Hi.  Baa (his pacifier).  Yes.  No.  Uh Oh. 
(Plus animal sounds including: dog, lion, sheep, monkey)

These are the words he had already perfected.  I can't wait until he can say his sister's name.

All in all, it looks like our vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds!  Yay for growth!

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Mamabeing said...

Yay! So happy for you and little dude. I swear by those DVD's--we have like, 10 of them, it's the only thing he watches, really. He sings the songs all the time now. I love Rachel! ha ha.