Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Babe

Every day provides me with numerous stories to share.  But I can't share them all because I don't have time to write them, and you don't have time to read them.

If you had asked me last night what I would be writing about today, I would not have said that I'd be gushing about how awesome, sweet and smart my daughter is (needless to say, we didn't have a good day at Casa Ryan Jyoti).

But here I am, about to share some of my daughter's awesomeness with you.

This morning we stopped off at the mail box (about 2 blocks away) on the way to school to send Grandpa's Father's Day card.  The babe loves putting the mail into the mail box, so I make an effort to involve her when the post item is something she worked on.  We dropped the card in and as we were getting back into the car, the babe shouted, "Look, Mama, it's the water truck going to our house!"  I turned around expecting to see a garbage truck or some other random truck, but indeed, it was the water truck.  And it was indeed OUR water truck as they were scheduled to come by this morning (we recently upgraded our drinking water as DC is not known for its quality tap water).  Not bad for a 3.5 year old.

Then on the car ride we were talking about the babe's old babysitter and how she'd be coming over in a few weeks because of Mama and Papa's 5 year wedding anniversary.  She asked if she could come out to dinner with us, I said no (and explained why), and then she asked me if I was going to wear a dress?  Apparently I should wear a dress because that is what you should do for wedding anniversaries....oh, and it should apparently be white.

And the last super sweet story occurred after we parked and the babe was picking random items up off the ground before getting in the stroller with her brother.  She picked up part of a leaf and said, "Look Mama, a maple syrup leaf."  Now how freakin CUTE is that???

I love my kid.

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The Essence of India said...

You know all the headaches and frustrations you feel are only because you have a really smart kid. And she's cute to boot!