Monday, June 7, 2010

Saving 30 Cents

Today was a glorious day in Washington, D.C.  A perfect spring day.  So perfect, I took the little guy to the park in the morning, and both kids to the park after school.

Per our routine, the kids stripped off their park clothes when we got home.  We all cleaned up and changed into our comfy "home" clothes.  I grabbed a diaper and one of those one piece outfits for the little guy.  But when I went to put on the diaper, the sticky tab on one side broke off.  Well, I'm not going to waste the whole 30 cent diaper because of a broken sticky tab.  So I pulled the outfit on over his head and went downstairs to find some tape.  And yes, I proceeded to tape up one side of his diaper (not very well, apparently).

After dinner the kids were watching our new Baby Signing Time DVD (thanks, K), when the babe came into the kitchen to complain that the living room was smelly.  I replied that it was probably just her brother's bum.  This kid seems to poop non-stop and the babe has gotten pretty good at letting me know when he stinks.

So I walk into the living room and am struck by a pungent odour.  Then I see the poo smeared diaper lying on the ground and the little guy walking around with a wet lower half.  It hits me like a ton of bricks.  He took off his diaper, and peed and pooed in his one piece outfit and has been walking around climbing and sitting on things.  And yes, that is a little bit of poo on his hand.  I suppose he could have been painting the walls with poo, so it wasn't as out of control as it could have been.

Off we went upstairs for clean up time.  I took off the outfit and found poo caked on the inside.  By the end of the day, this kid just stinks.  By the end of today, it was beyond's like the stink had moved in to stay.  To make matters worse, the babe managed to do a #2 while I was working on project "clean up little guy."  I have to say, it was a poop fiesta.
Apologies for the grossness of this entry, but being a Mom can be pretty gross.  I had a number of things I could have written about today, but for some reason, this was the nugget I wanted to share.  I'm sure I'll switch gears tomorrow!

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BlessedMomof2 said...

Eww. That's one of those times when that outfit goes in the trash because it's just not worth it!!

Hope tomorrow is a less stinky day!

My little one in on her 2nd round of antibiotics so her poop is REALLY special now! :)