Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Band Aid

I have never been one who is able to hide things with my face.  I would make a lousy poker player.  If you want to know how I feel, just look at my face and you should get a pretty good idea.

Right now I feel clean.  I've just come down from a hair washing, leg shaving, moisturizing kinda experience, and it feels awesome.  Especially after a day filled with lots of activity including 2.5 hours at the park with both kids and 1 hour at the pool with just the babe.

Back to my face.  The babe saw my face as we were working on her bubble blowing/swimming technique at the pool.  A Band Aid floated by my face and I just about lost it.  I am not good with that kind of thing.  Despite the fact that I am exposed to a lot of grossness on a daily basis, that was just too nasty.  I had already witnessed numerous kids with snot hanging down their faces, hair and dirt all over the floors in the change room, and a few strange little black things floating by in the water, but a Band Aid?  Come on.

I don't want the babe to be like me.  I want her to blow these things off.  But she saw my face and knew that a floating Band Aid was definitely not a good thing (especially as she had swallowed more water than I'd like to admit).  I'd even told her before we left that she couldn't have any Band Aids for any of her "owies" because we were going to the pool and they would come off.

I know they use a lot of chlorine in the pool, so I just have to reassure myself that we didn't catch anything by hanging out there for an hour.  I've forgotten what public pools are like, or maybe this one just isn't being kept very clean, I don't know.  

But at least I know both my daughter and I had the full scrub down at home before bed, and that will just have to do.

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