Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I am back from the Big Apple.  It was an amazing whirlwind adventure and I loved it.  But I also loved coming home to my awesome husband and 2 little love bugs.  We all survived the separation, and I am eternally grateful to my husband for supporting my mini get away.   

The fact that I was able to take off on Father's Day weekend says a lot about my husband.  He isn't into all the formal occasions of life and isn't really bothered if celebrating happens on the day we've been told to celebrate or not.  That said, he certainly got to celebrate being a Father this weekend!  Hanging out with a 3.5 and 1.5 year old with no back up for a nice chunk of time will definitely give you a chance to immerse yourself in your parenting role!  

Like a Christmas stocking, I left out one of his presents to open at midnight.  My husband wanted me to chose a PlayStation 3 game that we could both play together.  Thoughtful and bonding, right?  So I am now tasked with learning how to play World Cup Soccer and I will be pretending I am in South Africa for months to come.

I was happy to give him the babe's newly framed art from her November art show as his "prettier" gift this evening.  The babe whipped out her home made card and a little tie shaped book mark she had made for him at school.  We also have a tradition where we send each other emails from the kids yahoo accounts with photos attached.  I attached a shot of the babe holding a Happy Father's Day sign she made, one of the two kids together with the sign, and one of the little guy grabbing the sign while trying to run off.  All very cute.  Next weekend there will be sleep ins and some yummy meals to make up for ditching him for 26 hours. 

So I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing husband.  When you get married, you really have no idea what you're in for.  And if you have kids, you REALLY have no idea what you're in for.  You just hope and pray that together you can navigate through all the joys and heartaches of parenthood together.  And so far I am proud of everything we have accomplished and our developing abilities as co-parents.  The man I married is a great Papa, and for that I will be forever grateful.  I love you, honey! Happy Father's Day!


Gimmiegot said...

I am touched each time I think of your kindness. Thank you for coming and thank your husband for being so wonderful. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

My dear wife -- it actually was more like 31.5 hours, but who's counting? Of course, you are more than welcome. Goodness knows, you certainly deserve it.