Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Opposite of What I Mean

How much sarcasm is appropriate in a house with 2 little children?  This is a question I've been asking myself lately.  I can be a tad on the sarcastic side at times, and it has never been a problem with my kids because they never noticed.  The times have changed.  The babe seems to catch me quite frequently and has no problem calling me out on it.  She's been asking me questions about my comments and clearly gets that they are not an accurate portrayal of the situation at hand.

I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing to be sarcastic in front of toddlers and preschoolers.  But there are so many times when it is my immediate reaction to a situation.  I have been trying to reign it in as I have failed in explaining the concept of sarcasm to the babe.

Most definitions of the word seem to agree that sarcasm involves saying the opposite of what you really mean (which stumps the babe), and using irony in a rather cutting fashion (which sound plain old mean).  Some definitions go on to say that it is a marker of annoyance (I'll admit I am annoyed quite a bit).  After looking over multiple definitions, it's pretty clear I should start biting my tongue and leave the sarcasm for when we're all a little older and wiser.

I have done a good job at dropping my swearing and I think I can drop the sarcasm as well, at least until 7:30pm.

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BlessedMomof2 said...

I have such trouble with sarcasm. I'm really way too sarcastic...sometimes I wonder if I can even just say what I want to without it. It's a crutch for me. But my 6 yr old is getting that way and I don't care for it in him! So, I too am trying to be less sarcastic (and after 13 yrs of marriage,my hubby is getting over it too, though you'd think he'd be used to it!)