Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Poop Stories

I can't help but share this gross story. 

After we were done running our errands this morning, I popped upstairs with the little guy for a much needed diaper change.  I get into the job, and of course there is some poop in there.  The little guy starts kicking me and then grabs his crappy diaper and flings it up by his head.  Yuck.  So I grab the nasty diaper, get his bum cleaned up and into a new diaper. 

I look at the changing pad when I sit him up and see a poop streak.  Then I look at his shoulder and see another poop streak.  Then I smell his hair, and yep, you guessed it, poop streak.  So off we went for a full bath and hair wash (too bad last night was hair washing night).  I got him all cleaned up and walked back into his room to grab some fresh clothes.  Guess what I almost stepped in....yep, poop.  So that also got cleaned up.

We finally made it downstairs for lunch.  After a small hang out/digestion session in the living room, we went back up for nap time.  As I was changing his diaper again, he started pushing.  I got a good view of the log that was stuck in there.  The next few minutes were similar to giving birth.  The poor kid grunted and pushed and I helped him along by rubbing his tummy and singing songs.  It finally worked.  The little guy had managed to get out a grown up size poop.  I can not believe that was stuck in him and am sure that it would never have come out if he had been sitting in a diaper.  Sometimes you just need a little help, I suppose. 

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Mamabeing said...

I love poop talk. It's a fact of mommy life...we need to talk about it!