Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shrek Glass Recall

We never go to fast food places with the kids.  In that way, food allergies have been a blessing in disguise.  My kids just don't understand what a Happy Meal is.

However, a few weeks ago, after we all picked up soil at the gardening center, we were driving back home and made an abrupt decision to pick up a cold drink at the golden arches drive through.  They just happened to be selling Shrek themed glasses promoting the new movie.  I got a huge rush of nostalgia as I remembered the days my family used to collect themed glasses from fast food restaurants.  I convinced my husband we should get one for the babe.

It seemed like a lovely Puss in Boots glass. Very solid and a nice addition to our rather uninspired glass collection.

Then I get an email from my husband yesterday with a link to an article.  There is a recall on the Shrek themed McDonald's glasses because the paint contains a carcinogen, cadmium, which can cause bone and kidney problems in children.  REALLY?  Is anything safe?  I just wanted to get my kid a Shrek glass for crying out loud.

So I suppose that will be hitting the garbage.  That's what we get for breaking down and supporting the evil empire.

Looks like we have Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA) to thank for this recall.

For additional information, contact McDonald's at (800) 244-6227 or visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Cath Ryan said...

"I just wanted to get my kid a Shrek glass for crying out loud."

Haha, i read this as you wanting to get the babe a present as a reward for crying...

Now i understand!