Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're All Canadian, Eh

Today is an exciting day.  Not only is it my 1 month anniversary of blogging EVERY DAY (yay me!!!), but my kids got their Canadian citizenship certificates in the mail this morning!

Although in my heart I have always known they are Canadian, it is pretty cool that the Canadian government now knows that they are Canadian as well.  I feel more at ease knowing it is official.  There's a sense of relief having that critical paper work taken care of. 

It took me a while to get my act together, but I'm glad I did it (and that it only took 7 months to process).  And right in time for Canada Day on July 1st.  So here's to my family of Canadian citizens!!


Anonymous said...

That is way cool!!!


BTW, I should get my life back after this Saturday. We need to hang out soooooonnnnn!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so great!! I can't wait to celebrate!
And on your last post, you made me so happy to hear how content you were. You deserve happiness and I know this is a great platform to vent and you have many ups and downs.
I can't wait to see you!