Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Potty Talk

For some reason I can't stop talking about bowel movements and bums this week. 

First off, a story from yesterday afternoon.  For some time our Tuesdays have revolved around activities; the little guy's music class in the morning and soccer for the babe in the afternoon.  Yesterday was our last music class for the season and we are in the process of doing make-up soccer classes for all the rainy days we've missed. 

We had another gorgeous day and I was actually pretty psyched for soccer.  I had everything ready for 3:00 pm when I leave to pick up the babe; the multiple drinks, the snacks (including some lovely cut up grapes), the ball and shin pads.  I just had to get the babe changed at home and have everyone hit the potty/diaper change one last time.  As we got close to the soccer field (later than expected), the babe started complaining her tummy hurt.  After a beautiful parallel parking job, she informed me she had to go poo.

As soccer is held at one of those nifty parks without a public bathroom, we drove off to the closest McDonald's for a potty trip (I figured they owed me after the Shrek glass recall).  I got both kids out of the car (even though the babe kept asking why we couldn't just leave the little guy while we went in), to the bathroom, and got the babe on the toilet.  She sat there (and managed to touch every gross public bathroom thing possible) and only let out a little pee.  She then declared, "I don't have to go."


So we wash up, head back to the car, get buckled back into the car seats, pack up the stroller, and head back to the field.  "My tummy still hurts.....WAAAAAAA...," I hear in the back seat.  "Let's just try playing for 10 minutes and then if you want to leave, we can," I reply.  She agrees, but then keeps on complaining.  "FINE, do you want to go home and rest?" I ask.  The answer was yes.  So I turn around and we drive back home (it's close to 5:00 pm at this point).  She cried all the way.  In fact, I almost considered taking her to Children's Hospital in case her appendix was bursting or something.  But I sucked it up and we made it back in one piece.  The babe got changed, lay in her bed with her pacifiers for a few minutes, and came downstairs to declare that she was fine.  So much for soccer.

The other bum related story has to do with the little guy.  The poor kid has some pretty wicked diaper rash.  The problem is that he keeps pooping these little smudgy poops and I am constantly having to change him to avoid the situation getting worse.  This causes him so much pain he's been wailing, kicking, screaming and doing anything he can think of to try and stop me.  It is breaking my heart and I'm not sure what to do.  The skin is broken in a few places and I'm using some serious diaper cream, but I really think he just needs to stop pooping constantly so his little bum can heal.  Thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome!     


Mamabeing said...

I love poop talk! But I don't know what to do about your dude...constipate him? Bananas and iron fortified baby cereal? Diaper rash sucks.

Kimberly said...

I love how you post everyday now!

you mentioned reading parenting books recently... I'd love a post on your recommendations (from the fun ones like sippy cups & chardonnay to the more serious too)...