Thursday, June 17, 2010


My son loves his Papa.  He says his name numerous times a day while my husband is at work.  In fact, the little guy saw a father at the park today and started saying "Papa" over and over.  It is sweet and very touching.  His voice really is like that of a little angel.  I adore it.

What is not touching is the fact that he will not say "Mama."  I am pretty sure there was a time he would say it, but he has since dropped it from his extremely limited vocabulary.  I ask him to say "Mama" and he replies with "Papa."

Not to be particular or anything, but I play a pretty big roll in this kid's life and the fact that he won't say my very simple name kinda bugs me.  I keep trying, and I keep getting "Papa."

As long as he isn't saying many words at all, I'm not going to let it get to me.  But once my little boy's vocabulary starts to grow, I'm going to be expecting a whole lotta sweet Mamas to come my way.


Anonymous said...

It's okay! Not only did Sara said daddy first, her next work was DOGGIE! Then she said mama! Hang in there! It will happen:o)


Mamabeing said...

Ardan did the same thing--he knew Mama, but he said Dada more. Maybe it's just an easier sound. One day you will be like, "Oh my GOD, stop saying Mama mama mama mama mama mama!" heh heh.