Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Clover

I have so many complaints about my day, but I am in the mood to share a happy part.

At 3:05 pm, the little guy and I made our way out the door to pick the babe up at school.  I usually lock up and hold his hand so he can make it down the 2 front steps.  Today, after helping him down, I decided to walk off and see if he'd follow.  I made it down the long path to the car and turned back to see him messing around with some clovers near the front door.  I told him to come along and he started doing his very cute "fast walk."  It was so sweet to watch my little love bug making his own way down the path with all his flashy mobility.

He then showed me something in his hand.  It was a clover flower.  It made my heart melt when he started holding it to his nose and blowing on it as if he was trying to smell it.  He'd take a big reverse whiff and give me a huge smile.  I found the fact that the little guy didn't know how to smell the clover, but still got a huge kick out of it, pretty entertaining.

I got him in his car seat and managed to convince him the flower was for me.  I was pretty sure if I didn't get it back from him he'd eat it on the way to school.  So he gave it to me and I felt warm and fuzzy that I had received the first flower my son will ever give me.  And that's my nice story of the day. 

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The Essence of India said...

that is a cute story. thanks for making me smile today.